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European Courier and post Brexit transport

Courier services throughout Europe
and post Brexit transport

With Brexit, European transport to and from the UK is changing forever. At Atlas, we are well positioned to help you with the transition to post Brexit cross border transport.

As an express haulier, getting all the correct documentation and taxes arranged quickly is paramount.

We can arrange all the necessary customs and paperwork, and assist you with paying any duties and taxes. All of this can be done quickly to avoid delays caused by timely bureaucracy.

european road service

Atlas Courier Express offer a complete European courier service, from a small parcel to a full trailer load, whether you require an urgent “express” delivery by van or lorry, or a more cost effective groupage service when your goods will be “grouped” with other customers to save money.

We also have a large number of freight companies as customers, most of whom have lorries making regular runs to all parts of Europe.

We simply ask our contacts to put your goods on the back of their lorry and drop them safely at the their depot in Europe. We then arrange the transport from depot to destination. This method is extremely cost effective as their lorry is “going there anyway”.

Whatever your European requirements may be, Atlas Courier Express has the solution, from normal freight to urgent and or fragile consignments, line stoppers for the Automotive industry to urgent spare parts for aircraft.

We have a vast experience of handling such shipments, and we also have the enviable reputation of being one of the most competitive in the market place.

Need a fast, reliable, competitive courier service?

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