There are many scams and attempts to fraud circulating on the internet, claiming to come from Atlas Courier Express. Should you receive any unsolicited communication appearing to be from Atlas we encourage you to be vigilant and question the authenticity of the source before giving out any personal information, opening attachments, clicking links or sending any money.

Most communication tends to claim that if you send money, then a package and/or prize money will be delivered to you. Please note we will never attempt to charge you for a delivery unless you have asked us to carry out the delivery in advance. If you receive an email or phone call claiming Atlas has something for you, which you did not request, and asking for payment we encourage you to report this to the police via Action Fraud, and not to send any money or disclose any personal information.

Please also note that any emails containing attachments and/or links should be treated with suspicion, unless you were expecting an email from Atlas, as these may contain a virus. Only trust websites containing the Atlas brand name if you accessed them via our main site:

Atlas Courier Express accepts no responsibility for any costs, charges or payments made which result from fraudulent activity.