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As a self employed courier van driver for Atlas Courier Express, a typical day would consist of a collection from near your home, followed by delivery to a single destination, which could be anywhere from London to Glasgow or any other town / city, paid at a set rate per mile. You would then be given collections on the way home which pay additional rates for each one.

Our financial strength allows us to pay weekly, one week in arrears. This helps with cash flow which is an issue for many drivers working for other companies. Also unlike other companies, we provide insurance cover that will ensure you don’t struggle financially should you fall seriously ill or suffer an injury that stops you working.

We operate in much the same way as a taxi company, except we carry goods rather than people. All of our drivers work from home, similar to how a taxi driver sits on a taxi rank. When we get a job suitable for the driver’s location and vehicle, we give them a ring and they get the job.

Typical jobs usually consist of collections from companies near your home location, which then get delivered to anywhere in the country, be it London, Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff. These are paid at a mileage rate which, for a LWB Transit type van, would be around 91p per loaded mile. London deliveries are paid at an increased rate to take account of the extra time involved.

For example, if you did a delivery of 100 miles, you get around £91. Out of this you need to deduct your running expenses which would typically be around £40 for this run, leaving you with £50 clear.

On your way home from delivering we would usually expect to give you between 1 and 3 collections coming back to your local area. These collections are paid on a set rate per collection. This is based on additional mileage that takes you away from your planned return route and quantity of goods being collected. Typically, this can vary anywhere between £25 and £50 per collection, but with a minimum of £19 and no maximum. This means that occasionally you can hit lucky and get £100 or more for a single collection.

The work we provide is designed to maximise earnings whilst keeping dead mileage at a minimum. Typically drivers can earn anywhere between £400 and £1500 per week before running costs. Many drivers average £1000-£1200 a week which equates to a take home pay between £550 and £800 a week. All payments are made on a weekly basis.

We operate in much the same way as a taxi company, with drivers being available at various times during the day or week, so you can choose when you work. Obviously the more that you are available the more money you will earn. This flexibility means the work is suitable for anybody. For example, the semi-retired who may want to work 2 or 3 days a week to boost their pension and keep the boredom at bay!

You can provide your own van whether it be small or large, with larger vans earning more money. Providing your own van is the best way to maximise your earnings. For those without a van, we can refer you to our vehicle hire partners who can help you source a vehicle. Many of our drivers start out like this and go on to buy a van at a later date when they have settled in.

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